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FAQs and Info for Ozzie Smith (5-6 year olds)

Farragut Baseball, Inc.

Spring 2023 Ozzie Smith League

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

1.  When do practices begin?

Practices will begin once registration is completed and all players have been placed on a team accordingly by league officials which occurs around the time frame of 3/1 - 3/3 (possibly sooner) with practices beginning the week of 3/5 - 3/11, weather permitting. The practice times are determined by the league and the individual head coaches based on their personal availability and the options for all teams to use Fields 7 and 8. Practices last approximately 1 hour and during the pre-season can be any day of the week:  Sunday starting at 12:00 pm, Monday - Friday at 5:30 or 6:30 pm, and Saturday starting at 9:00 am. Regular season practices are on Sunday starting at 12:00 pm and Monday-Wednesday-Friday starting at 5:30 or 6:30 pm.  

2.  When does the season start and end?  When are games played?  How long does a typical game last?

Ozzie Smith league games will start on 3/28 and will conclude by 5/25, weather permitting. There will be an 8-10 game schedule based on the number of teams for the season and games are played either on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (6:00 or 7:00 pm) and/or on Saturdays (9:00 am – 5:00 pm), weather permitting. Games last approximately 1 hour. More information will be available and provided to parents once registration is completed and we know how many players and teams there will be for the Spring 2023 season.

Game schedules will not be available until all players and teams have been assigned and will likely be during the week of 3/12.

3.  What is included with the registration fee with regards to uniforms?

Players receive a team hat, jersey, and pants. Cleats are optional and up to parents as some players and can be found at local sporting stores but some may prefer wearing tennis shoes at this age.

4.  What equipment do I need to purchase for my child?

Each child is responsible for having their own glove and it is recommended to have a bat and batting helmet.  Some players like to share bats and sometimes a coach may have an extra bat or two. There are some extra batting helmets that can be used by all teams as needed for practices or games. However, most parents have chosen to buy their children their own battling helmets partly because their kids want to have their very own and the other is for personal hygiene issues. Baseball cleats are an option and it depends on the child and what they are comfortable in.

5.  What type of bat should be purchased?

Look for the bats labeled "T-Ball” and find one that is light enough that your child can handle and swing easily.

*NOTE: Since Fall 2015, the use of big barrel bats (anything over 2 ¼”) will not be allowed in the T-Ball or Ozzie Smith leagues. These leagues are for development and baseball basics for players and over-sized bats do not help players learn how to properly make contact with the baseball.

6.  Are batting helmets with face guards/masks required?

Face guards/masks are not required for Ozzie Smith and are up to the parents if they choose to purchase. Not as many players have or use these since this generally is not a concern at this age as the helmets are bulky and hard for the younger kids to get adjusted to. Most batting helmets are made so that the face guard can be purchased later and attached if needed.

However, please note that starting Spring 2015 we have required that any players playing the pitching position in Ozzie Smith (5-6 year old league) be required to have face guards/masks as an extra measure of protection for the players. The Farragut Baseball Inc. League does provide these face guards to be used during practices and games.

7.  When will I know what team and coach my child is playing on?

Referring back to #1 above, after registration is complete the Ozzie Smith League commissioner and league president will assign players to teams and then the individual coach will contact team parents regarding introduction, practice times, and additional league information. Please make sure to provide your current email and phone number(s) so this can be distributed accordingly.

8.  Will there be a post season tournament?

There is no post season tournament for the Spring or Fall seasons for Ozzie Smith.

9.  When will individual & team pictures be taken?

The league will have two dates for Spring 2023 and are 3/25 and 4/1. Emails from the league will be sent out that includes all instructions and information for the pictures as well as reminders from your child's head coach.

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